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Civil Engineering

WAM Engineers will manage the rectification of Show Cause notices issued by Council where property owners have commenced earthworks without ground level change permits.

We provide method statements and earthwork designs to rectify damaged land and return it to safe and useable land by removing hazardous actions. We advise on the best course of action and how to consider earthworks and retaining wall construction avoiding environmental damage and fines issued by council.

Climate change highlights the use of civil engineering expertise and we advise and assist clients to design solutions to changing weather patterns with the increase of cyclones and the consequential storm events and wind loads transferred to structures.

Prevention is better than cure and we believe that to resolve perceived protection from fire, wind, and storm is more important than ever. Insurance may only provide part of the solution and should be used as a last resort.

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Overseas projects

WAM Engineers have provided deep foundation geotechnical engineering for over five years throughout the entire country of Papua New Guinea [PNG].

More recently we are providing engineering design and project management to a PNG company for the construction of a cement plant project in Papua New Guinea. The proposed plant will have the capacity to produce approximately 2,500 tons of relatively green cement every day to fulfil domestic and export needs. The mining tenement of sourced Limestone is 350 square kilometres and the energy source will be Liquefied Natural Gas supplied from the 19billion dollar Exxon-Mobile pipe line. It is believed that the project will be commissioned in 2021 and, developed through a turnkey financing arrangement based on an EPC structure for the supply and erection of plant from the Chinese based company, Jiangsu Pengfei near Nanjing.

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