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Hydraulic Engineering

WAM Engineers have significant experience in managing storm events in particular avoiding flood conditions. We have raised houses from ground level to height of up to three meters locating the floor levels above the highest flood level recorded. The one thing we know is that weather patterns are changing and the incidence of storm and flood may be on the increase.

We also are adept at securing efficient water harvesting methods and developing in ground solutions to hold potable water.

Management of storm flows is critical as the velocity of water during a storm can be sufficient to undermine foundations and cause foundation failure.

On properties where there is a waste water management system caution is required to mitigate the damage storm flows will cause to absorption beds and Home Sewage Treatment Plants [HSTP]

We provide hydraulic design services including:

  • On-site domestic waste water management
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Portable water reticulation
  • Water efficient designs
  • Storm event management
  • Flood management
  • House removal and raising

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