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Geotechnical engineering

WAM Engineers offers excellent and comprehensive geotechnical services for residential, infrastructural and commercial projects. Specifically, we offer services including:

  • Soil Logs
  • Soil Testing
  • Site classification
  • Site evaluation
  • Plant and equipment
  • Acid Sulphate soils

Soil testing

Soil testing is essential to investigate subsurface conditions prior to construction. Allowable bearing capacity is determined in order to prevent settlement and ensure footings are correctively designed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia. Other features such as topography, vegetation and moisture conditions are also assessed to avoid building damages.

WAM Engineers provide home owners with reliable site classification services. Our work complies with the requirements of all Australian Standards. Site classification is required by councils for all new residential developments. We will help you deliver your projects within the expected timeframe.

Site Stability

We provide site stability analysis where land-slip has the potential of movement. Slope failure is generally caused by gravitational and seepage forces. Local councils often require slope stability analyses prior to issuing a permit for development.

WAM Engineers can conduct slope stability analysis designed specifically for your site and providing site classification and site evaluation for waste water design purposes.


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