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Structural Engineering

WAM Engineers offers quality structural engineering services for low-rise residential, industrial and commercial buildings.
We have specialist expertise in the design of structural steel, in-situ and light weight concrete structures, light gauge steel frames, masonry and timber.

Residential buildings and extensions

Specifically, we provide comprehensive services including

  • Basement design
  • Footing & slab on ground
  • Suspended reinforced concrete slab, Bondek slab
  • Reinforced concrete flat slab
  • Timber floor / steel mezzanine floor
  • Timber / steel framing roof
  • Timber / steel wall framing
  • Bracing / Tie down
  • Swimming pool
  • Retaining structures / rock climbing walls
  • Free roof & canopies
  • Steel portal frames
  • Tilt Panels
  • Steel shed
  • Bail Hut
  • Gazebo and Shade Sails

We offer structural engineering services for
houses, townhouses, extensions, units, granny flats and container homes.

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Failed Foundations & Underpinning

Wam engineers are expert in identifying causes of cracking in structures and how to economically design methods of underpinning.

Building & Pest Inspections

We will respond quickly and efficiently to instructions to report on potential failures on properties that are the subject of construction and foundation failures presenting a brief opinion and report of causes and cost effective solutions for the vendor or potential purchaser.


Industrial Structures

Our structural engineers have expertise in providing design solutions for industrial workshops, warehouses and storage units.
We have a sound knowledge of the application of tilt panels. Normally, industrial warehousing features large open space with portal frame construction, for which we combined effects of wind, crane loading and heavy traffic loading on the slab within the building.


Architectural drafting

If you are looking for a cost-effective and accurate architectural drafting service, WAM Engineers is your best choice.
We can convert your original source drawings into AutoCAD and Revit files which are dimensionally accurate, full-scale and layered. We can help you save a substantial amount of time and money.


Insurance claims

We provide third party advice on insurance claims to our clients. Our engineers conduct an onsite inspection and provide independent assessment on root causes of structural defects on behalf of clients.


Project management

We can advise and assist home owners who chose the owner builder’s management route to undertake their own project management with selected trades in particular assess through due diligence the appropriateness of the selected work force:

  • We can oversee the whole process.
  • We coordinate all engaged sub-contractors.
  • We manage the budget and keep the project on track
  • We ensure the project complies with council regulations
  • We provide professional engineering consultation for your project.


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Email: info@wamengineers.com